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The idea of increasing public awareness for our Association through the web was initially expressed when the steering committee met in December 1996. Shortly thereafter, the ADA’s Directors were really pleased to see that the Fédération des familles-souches québécoises (Federation of Founding Families of Quebec) had recognized our existence on its own website, thus giving us some visibility on the web. Numerous references to the development of an autonomous website for the ADA are made in the minutes of our Board of Directors’ meetings and of our annual general meetings. These brief discussions always pointed to two conclusions. The Association wished, in carrying out this project, to offer more substantive material than the minimal content often posted by other organizations pursuing objectives similar to ours. However, developing such an ambitious website required substantial skills and financial resources, both of which were lacking due to other priorities engulfing our Association’s meagre resources. In addition, it was obvious that this website would require the involvement of volunteers to operate and update this new window opened to the world. In parallel, volunteers operating our genealogical booths had at times to explain our absence from the Internet to visitors who expected us to use such an obvious tool. However, it was in the wake of other projects successfully carried out by our Association’s volunteers, particularly the publication of our 2006 genealogical directory, that the objective of developing a website became a priority that was officially announced at our general meeting in Neufchatel.

In November 2006, the steering committee recruited a few members who had openly expressed their interest in carrying out this project. An advisory committee was created and, under the guidance of vice-president Gilles Dubé acting as project coordinator, meetings were held in Winter 2007 to outline the major structural elements of the website and begin the process of assessing the resources required for completing this project. When the Board of Directors met on April 28, 2007, proper authorizations were given, tasks were assigned and a decision was made to add a team responsible for editing texts, researching material and choosing illustrations. The advisory committee later recommended outsourcing the graphics and programming aspects. Pascale Dubé was hired for the graphics work, while general programming was entrusted to Christian Cardin from the firm Productions RVA inc.

Thanks to the dedicated work of numerous participants committed to the website project, the results of the first phase were officially announced at our annual general meeting in Rimouski in October 2007. Since then, the members entrusted with the project have invested a lot of energy in finding and preparing material for the “Members Only” section of our site, which will remain the focal point of the site for a long time.

The Association decided at the very beginning of discussions to develop a section intended for Anglophones visiting the site. The extent and timing of this section were essentially dependent on the availability of human and financial resources. A complete translation of our French site through external resources would have required huge funds that the Association simply did not have in the short term. Once again, the solution was to call on the skills available amongst our members. Fabien Dubé, a resident of Ottawa and professional translator, had joined our Association in 2005. He volunteered his professional skills to translate our site for free, while his daughter Nathalie, who teaches French and English as second languages, edited his texts for the same modest remuneration. Their contribution allowed us to modify our previous plans, which were to offer a more modest version to Anglophones visiting our site. With this new reality, the contents posted on the English version of our site essentially mirror the French version and bring about new elements allowing a fundamental shift in our relationships with Mathurin Dubé and Marie Campion’s anglophone descendants. In the course of their work, Fabien and Nathalie also made suggestions that helped us improve the French version of the site.

The future of our Internet site will depend on both the administrators’ vitality and our visitors’ active collaboration. The Association really expects that the investments in this site will yield results far greater than those a simple act of commemoration could bring. More particularly, we hope that the site will contribute to our membership, improve the results of our genealogical research and strengthen our relationships with all Dubés.


















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