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The idea of founding a Dubés’ association was brought forward in the mid-‘60s by Raymond Dubé, generally recognized as the first genealogist of the Dubé families. Unfortunately, his ambitious project was thwarted by his early death in 1970, the year he intended to organize a gigantic meet where the Dubés would have celebrated the 300th anniversary of our ancestors Mathurin and Marie’ marriage. However, the time was not yet ripe for this idea to be picked up immediately by those he was in contact with.

Thirty years later, in the mid-‘90s, a few Dubés of the Quebec City and Montreal regions responded to Charles-Henri Dubé’s invitation  to found a family association. The Association des Dubé d’Amérique (ADA) would realize the objective of uniting the persons associated with our family name, helping them to better know each other, and establishing strong links among them. The new association began by setting clear objectives linked to the history and genealogy of Dubé families. Thus, was established the work plan followed by the founding members who created the ADA and guided its development.

The founding members established a temporary committee, chose the name of the Association and its coat of arms, arranged for the incorporation of the Association and requested membership in the Fédération des familles-souches québécoises (Federation of Quebec Founding Families). The annual membership fee was set at $20. Tasks were delineated along the usual structure of an executive committee: presidency, secretariat and treasury. The founding members immediately decided to publish a liaison newsletter, chose its name Le Bé and appointed Charles-Henri Dubé chief editor. In December 1995, the first issue of Le Bé was published.

The Association’s first activities were held on March 9, 1996, in the church of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, Place Royale, Quebec City, and thereafter in the Café Buade, to commemorate the 300th anniversary of our ancestor Mathurin’s death. On March 31, the Dubés met again at Île Charron, Longueuil, to socialize and raise awareness amongst the Dubés living in and around Montreal. On May 26, on the occasion of the congress held by Quebec founding families in Rimouski, our Association invited the Dubés of the Lower St. Lawrence area for brunch and those of Rivière-du-Loup for supper. At the end of our Association’s first year of existence, 200 members had been recruited. The time of the Association’s official founding had come.

The official founding took place at the Quebec City Aquarium on August 31, 1996, in the presence of more than a hundred participants. The event was reported in the fourth issue of Le Bé, including the election of our first Board of Directors. On this occasion, a text written by playwright Marcel Dubé was read, and an accordion player warmed the already friendly atmosphere filling the sunny half-rotunda.

What an auspicious beginning for the Association des Dubé d’Amérique!





Charles-Henri Dubé













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