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Richar Dubé
Richard, a founding member of the Association des Dubé and an excellent orga­nizer and communicator, has been president of the ADA since 1996.

For the past ten years, the Association des Dubé d’Amérique (ADA) has offered its members numerous genealogical, historical, social and cultural activities. Our Association’s development proceeded mainly with a progres­sive recruitment of Dubés from all regions in Quebec and the neighbouring provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick. Also, our Association is proud to have some members from the United States and France.

The history of any family association is closely associated with its founding members’ vision and actions. From the outset, the Dubés resolved to build their Association on solid foundations. After a full year used to set up its orga­nizational structure, fashion the tools required for its development and sign up nearly two hundred members, the Association des Dubé d’Amérique was officially founded in 1996.



The Association has since pursued the accomplishment of its initial objectives by issuing its information newsletter Le Bé on a regular basis, promoting genealogical research and publishing research tools, such as its recent genealogical directory Les descendants de Mathurin Dubé et Marie Campion. Over this decade, our Association has organized discovery-oriented activities, such as two visits to our ancestors’ native land in France, and has been holding the Dubés’ annual meeting in various cities and regions across the Province of Quebec. Also, our Association has actively participated in genealogical events held in cooperation with the Fédération des familles-souches (Federation of Founding Families) and has lead seasonal meets piggybacked on community diners. In 2000, the Dubés held a large and special celebration on Orléans Island, laid commemorative plaques and erected a monument in Rivière-Ouelle.

This rich history, a matter of pride for the Association des Dubé, is illustrated in written documents, published in books and newsletters, and engraved in bronze and stone. Today, we are taking another important step by offering to apprise you of our accomplishments through our website. Follow our ancestors Mathurin and Marie, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean to find a new land, who lived on the shore of a powerful river first in Orléans Island and then Rivière-Ouelle; reach for new horizons and navigate our Association’s website. You will find that thousands of Dubés have left their mark on the American continent, hundreds of families have tilled the soil, opened new regions, developed trade and industrial activities, given an education to younger generations and promoted the social and cultural development of their society.

Dozens of Dubés actively take part in the advancement of the Association des Dubé d’Amérique. They contribute by giving their time and participating on a volunteer basis. We gratefully thank all those who further the accomplishments of our Association, who enable you to find your roots and who help you learn more about your history.


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