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Le Bé : Our liaison and information newsletter

Genealogical directory (2006)

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The Association des Dubé’s newsletter was named after a manor located in Ménéac, a small village in France’s Brittany region, where the Du Bé family name first appeared in available records. In an article published in June 2005 about our family name, journalist Louis-Guy Lemieux of Quebec City’s daily Le Soleil underscored the quality of the Association’s newsletter. All previous issues of our newsletter, a total of nearly 1000 pages, present historical and current data about Dubé families.

In December 1995, Charles-Henri Dubé, who was named Chief Editor by the Temporary Committee of the Association des Dubé d'Amérique (ADA), published the first issue of our newsletter. In December 2000, when he relayed his pen, our Association had published fifteen other regular issues plus four special issues. Issue # 17 (April 2001) was prepared by the Editing Committee before Paul-André Dubé and his wife Françoise Dorais assumed this demanding task and published issue # 18 (August 2001). In December 2008, the publication of issue # 37 confirmed the ADA’s unwavering commitment to contact subscribers three times a year. The Association recognizes the precious role of our chief editors in the continuous success of our newsletter Le Bé, which everyone surely considers as the “cement of our Association.” All of these issues were published thanks to the precious help of numerous contributors, particularly that of the ADA’s president and secretary. The Association has recently compiled its 30 first issues on a CD. Issue # 31 is presently displayed in the Members Only section on our website, and subsequent issues will gradually be added.

All articles included in the newsletter Le Bé were written in French, except in a few circumstances, such as publishing of a 36-page English-language special issue when year 2000 festivities were held. This service will remain unchanged in the future, considering our membership’s traditional distribution. Given that a new section is being added to our website to serve Anglophones and that our website structure includes a Members Only section, the Association has launched a project. When Anglophones send English-language articles that meet the criteria set out in the attached document, their articles will be displayed on our website. Recognizing the contribution made by the authors of these articles, the ADA will grant them provisional “associate member” status. They will enjoy the privilege of accessing the secured section for a period no longer than one year and of buying the products displayed under the Boutique tab at the same price as regular members. Should this project be successful, we would consider preparing issues of our newsletter Le Bé in English and displaying these issues in electronic form in the Members Only section. These are prerequisites for recruiting Anglophone members, who would share the obligations and privileges set out for Francophone members.

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