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On August 25, 26 and 27, 2000, more than 350 Dubés met at the Daishowa Social Club, in Saint-Pierre, Orléans Island, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Association des Dubé d’Amérique’s founding and the 330th anniversary of their ancestors Mathurin and Marie’s marriage. The Organizing Committee grouped these celebrations under three themes: Family Reunion, Resourcing and Commemoration.

Friday, August 25: Opening of the Family Reunion

Our president Richard opened the meeting with a warm welcome, and participants expressed their pride and their joy at being reunited by singing the theme song Je m’appell’ Mathurin, composed by Judge Laurent Dubé. The first evening program highlighted the official publication of important documents of a genealogical and historical nature. The launching of these publications started with the Dictionnaire des familles Dubé prepared by Julien with his wife Marguerite Perron-Dubé’s solid support. In his introduction, Richard stated that: “Thanks to this dictionary, the Association’s members will find a renewed motivation to enhance our genealogical data and to communicate this information, thus helping to prepare a more comprehensive dictionary. This process of gathering and communicating genealogical information will strengthen our passion to learn more about our sources, the very reason for establishing our association.”

The launch of the Dictionary was followed by the introduction of three special issues of our newsletter Le Bé prepared by our Chief Editor Charles-Henri: “Tonight, we are launching a special 60-page issue in French, a special 32-page issue in English and a synopsis issue comprised of 15 genealogical charts for some Dubé families. We owe immense gratitude to Charles-Henri for his colossal work. The historical synopsis he proposed answers the questions asked about the origins, the facts and the circumstances evidenced in the old documents related to Mathurin, Marie and their children. Charles-Henri used the right words to highlight the history of our association. In genealogical charts, he eloquently illustrated the family links he established. His work has paved the way for other genealogical searchers seeking connections with our first ancestors.”

Saturday, August 26: A Day of Resourcing

On this day of discovery, the Dubés of America were proud to play host to 26 French cousins, all of them members of the Association des Dubé du Grand-Ouest, who joined Mathurin’s descendants in further Dubé celebrations. Four major activities were offered to the Dubés from both continents: a voyage of discovery on Mathurin’s footsteps in La Pocatière, a cruise aboard the Louis-Jolliet, a visit of heritage sites on Orléans Island and a banquet followed by an evening performance.

On Mathurin’s Footsteps  in La Pocatière

Intent on contributing to the Resourcing theme of the celebrations, Louis Dubé from Quebec City conducted research activities to find the exact locations where, in the Rivière-Ouelle region, Mathurin Dubé and Marie Campion settled after their departure from Orléans Island in 1686. On his trip, he also located the farms where lived their sons Mathurin, Pierre and Laurent as well as several of their respective descendants. Finding the initial location of the first communal mill in the presence of current owners Paul-Émile Dubé and his wife Adrienne Jeffrey was undoubtedly the apex of the day.

The Cruise Aboard the Louis-Jolliet

Under the stewardship of Laurent Dubé, former pilot on the St. Lawrence River, some 110 individuals boarded the Louis-Jolliet for a cruise and luncheon on their way to Orléans Island. On such a beautiful day, what better way to establish first contact with our French cousins than to navigate on the water route plied by our ancestors on this majestic river and to admire Quebec City’s outlying urban and rural communities, its impressive Château Frontenac hotel, the lovely landscapes of Orléans Island and the Montmorency Falls. What a time of relaxation, contemplation, discovery and friendship.

The Visit of Heritage Sites on Orléans Island

Two groups comprised of nearly 80 persons participated in a visit of heritage sites on Orléans Island. Under its own guide’s direction, each group toured this quiet island, the place where, towards the end of his life, poet-songwriter-singer Félix Leclerc hung the shoes he sung about. On the way, each group made two true-to-its-origin stops, one in Sainte-Famille to visit the church in which Marie and Mathurin were wed, and the other in the parish of Saint-Jean, where the couple first resided and gave life to most of their children. Orléans Island, pilgrimage site but also mythical place for all Dubés and for numerous other founding families!

The Banquet and Show

When daytime activities came to an end, participants filled both rooms of the Daishowa Social Club. The Saturday night buffet with a show and dances was attended by 360 persons, the largest number of participants for our Year 2000 celebrations. A theatre company comprised of young actors under Carlo Alberton’s direction presented the short 3‑act play Le chapeau de paille, written by Laurent Dubé from Saint-Pierre, Orléans Island. This play re-enacts three major phases in Mathurin Dubé and Marie Campion’s lives: their encounter, their departure for Rivière-Ouelle and Mathurin’s last hours. Spectators were won over not only by these young actors’ freshness but also by the sheer beauty of the poetic writing. The last part of the evening was animated by a group of musicians and by the folkloric ensemble La Parenté, who got local and foreign Dubés singing and dancing.

Sunday, August 27: The Commemoration

In the church of Sainte-Famille, on Orléans Island, a large number of Dubés attended a Te Deum mass celebrated by Mgr Jean-Marie Fortier, former archbishop of Sherbrooke, and Charles-Henri Dubé, from the Blessed Sacrement Fathers. This ceremony was the ideal occasion to unveil and bless the bronze plaque commemorating the 330th anniversary of Mathurin Dubé and Marie Campion’s marriage (September 3, 1670). Later in September 2004, this plaque was affixed to the commemorative monument at the entrance of the Rivière-Ouelle cemetery. Participants also had the opportunity to see the 60-foot long and 10-foot high mural that genealogist Linda Côté-Dubé made out of bedsheets to chart the Dubés’ genealogical journey over at least eight generations.

Closing of the Celebrations

After Sunday mass, the group met again at the Daishowa Social Club for a friendly brunch accompanied by folkloric songs. Our president Richard thanked all those who participated in the success of these memorable celebrations, notably our French cousins who joined us in strengthening existing bonds of friendship. He closed the celebrations by saying: “I will use the words pronounced by a well-known politician and tell you: À la prochaine fois.”(1)

(1) Essentially meaning in this case: We will meet again.



































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